Softstack listed in FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024

The eighth annual ranking has now been released, and we’re proud to announce that softstack ranked 9th in the category IT & Software in Germany

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FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2024

This prestigious ranking, compiled annually by the Financial Times in partnership with Statista highlights Europes most dynamic companies. 

This year’s edition reflects the significant changes in the business world due to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and geopolitical issues. Despite these hurdles, softstack has shown remarkable growth. 

The ranking lists 1,000 companies with an outstanding compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2022. To be included in the list, companies must have an average growth rate of at least 36.9 %. 

Companies from various industries and European countries, including Austria and the UK, were considered for inclusion. This diversity reflects the rich entrepreneurial landscape of Europe. 

Softstack ranks 9th in FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies

In the highly competitive landscape of Europes fastest-growing companies, softstack has achieved a remarkable milestone. The IT & Software category, in which softstack excelled, proved to be the largest of all categories in the ranking, with 189 entrants this year. Within this comprehensive category, the Web3 company secured the commendable 9th place of all German companies listed, emphasizing the companys outstanding performance and innovation in the German technology landscape. This achievement speaks volumes about softstacks unwavering dedication to progress in an ever-changing industry and demonstrates its commitment to achieving growth and excellence. 

The Path to Future Growth: A Strategic Vision

Softstack’s recent recognition as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies marks an essential milestone in its journey and provides an opportunity to examine the strategic vision that drives its continued growth. With a forward-looking perspective, softstack is undertaking essential initiatives to strengthen its position as an industry leader and ensure sustainable growth, especially in Web3 technology. 

Strategic partnerships are key to softstack’s expansion efforts within the Web3 landscape, enabling the company to utilize synergies more effectively. Furthermore, softstack remains dedicated to nurturing a talented workforce and fostering a culture of innovation, recognizing that success in the Web3 era requires forward-thinking individuals and collaborative approaches. 

Above all, softstack’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to its clients remains paramount, especially in the context of Web3. By prioritizing client satisfaction and cultivating long-term relationships within the decentralized ecosystem, softstack aims to drive sustainable growth and achieve even greater success as a leading player in the Web3 revolution. 

Recognizing excellence: Softstack’s achievements beyond growth

Besides being recognized among Europes fastest-growing companies, softstack has earned notable accolades that highlight its commitment to excellence and innovation across various domains. 

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification: Ensuring Information Security

Softstacks dedication to information security is evident through its ISO/IEC 27001 certification. The globally recognized Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) standard signifies a robust commitment to protecting information, data, and systems. In an age of digital threats, this certification proves the company’s proactive approach to mitigating cyber risks and ensuring the integrity of its IT infrastructure. By prioritizing information security, it protects its interests and instills confidence in its clients and partners, strengthening trust in an increasingly digitalized landscape. 

Employer of the Future Recognition: Fostering a Culture of Excellence

Softstacks commitment to excellence extends beyond its products and services to its role as an employer. The prestigious Employer of the Future recognition, issued by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization, highlights softstacks dedication to creating a supportive and innovative work environment. In a competitive talent landscape, this recognition serves as a testament to softstacks ability to attract and retain top talent. By prioritizing employee satisfaction and professional development, the company not only cultivates a vibrant workplace culture but also positions itself as an employer of choice for the next generation of talent. 

About softstack

Softstack is at the forefront of the Web3 industry, providing professional software development, security services, and Web3 consulting. With a commitment to direct communication and the highest standards of professionalism, the Web3 company is dedicated to providing clients with the best possible solutions. 

Softstack’s vision is to shape the future of Web3 together with its clients as a leading and trusted service partner. Through diligent execution and close collaboration, always prioritizing ethical behavior and decisions with integrity, the company leads its clients’ projects to success. 

Yannik Heinze

Yannik Heinze

CEO at softstack, Web3 veteran and mentor.

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