We’ve Rebranded and Here’s Why!

Yannik Heinze, founder of softstack, is leading the transformation from Chainsulting to focusing on making Web3 better and safer for everyone.

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Hello, I’m Yannik, the co-founder of what was once Chainsulting and what is now proudly softstack. As we stand at this transformative juncture, I’m eager to share the essence of our rebranding story—a narrative of growth, adaptation, and a renewed vision for the future.

The Evolution of Our Identity

Starting as Chainsulting, our mission was clear: to dive deep into the blockchain realm and emerge as leaders and innovators. Our foundation was built on expertise in Consulting, but as the landscape morphed, so did we. The past 5-6 years have been a testament to our expansion beyond consulting, such as Software Development and Cybersecurity. Today, our team has grown to 20 strong experts, each bringing their unique flair to our collective expertise.

Why Change Now?

The Web3 world is always changing, with new ideas and methods constantly transforming the way things are done. It was time for our identity to mirror the breadth and depth of our company  as it stands today. At its core, this change is about better representing who we’ve become, with our expert team leading the charge. We’ve crafted a unique service model that thrives on collaboration, driving not just how we work but also how we forge our own distinct brand of service.

The Vision for softstack

Our journey has naturally progressed to focus more on software development and cybersecurity, signaling it was time for our identity to evolve in tandem. Admittedly, it’s easy to lose sight of one’s brand when engrossed in client projects. This realisation sparked our motivation for change. Bolstered by a strong referral base grounded in our results-driven approach, we saw the need for a fresh identity to spearhead our own growth and new business ventures.

What Lies Ahead

Looking forward, our trajectory is set on sustainable growth. It’s the path we’ve charted over the last six years, and we’re equipped with the right internal structures to continue on this upward climb. Our collaboration with companies like TMRW Foundation, Siemens AG or Anchorage Digital  lays the groundwork for this ambitious journey, aiming to attract a blend of household names and high-growth companies. A Symbol of Our Growth: The New Logo Our new logo is a visual tribute to our evolution, crafted through iterations and feedback to perfectly embody our journey. While not a radical departure, we’ve maintained elements like our color within the shapes to weave continuity into our story. This ‘soft-launch’ is just the beginning, with more unveilings planned as we step into 2024.

Cultural Roots and The Future

Culture is the lifeblood of softstack. Fostering a space where individuals can excel and enjoy the ride has been paramount. It’s this culture that has embraced our new identity, shaping what softstack stands for. For our clients, this rebranding is a seamless transition, upholding the highest service standards they’ve come to expect from us. Our essence remains unchanged: to be the preferred Web3 Service Partner in Germany and beyond.

Reflecting on the rebrand, it’s not just about the change in name or logo; it’s about aligning our identity with our expanded capabilities and vision. We understand the Web3 industry better now, see your needs more clearly, and are more committed than ever to being your partner in this journey.

Rebranding after a decade? It’s because we’ve grown, in knowledge, in scope, and in ambition. softstack isn’t just a new name—it’s a promise to navigate the future of onchain together, crafting paths that lead to success. This story, like all great things at softstack, is a collective triumph. It’s the result of every team member’s input, creativity, and hard work. As we unfold this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey into the shaping the future together.

Yannik Heinze

Yannik Heinze

CEO at softstack, Web3 veteran and mentor.

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