dApp Audit: Strengthens
Trust and Security

Elevate your Web3 project with our dApp audit services.

We identify vulnerabilities and protect against potential threats, promoting trust among users and stakeholders. This commitment helps your dApp succeed and have longevity in the competitive Web3 landscape.

ISO/IEC 27001

Certified Information Security
Management System


We secure your dApp with transparency and trust in all project phases.

ISO/IEC 27001

Certified Information Security
Management System


ISO Certificate

We prioritize data protection and confidentiality in our Web3 services, highlighted by our ISO27001 certification granted by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH.

Made In Germany

We craft our Web3 dApp Audit services in Germany, showcasing our dedication to quality, precision, and innovation, embodying the ‘Made in Germany’ excellence.

Transparent pricing

We work with transparent pricing, ensuring clear and straightforward cost visibility in each project.

In-House Emphasis

We prioritize working with our in-house dApp audit team, guaranteeing greater quality control, consistency, and a seamless process for all your Web3 projects.

About Services

Service includes

Our dApp Audit offer includes the following service aspects tailored to your needs.

  • Smart contract audit
  • Codebase analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Front-end application security
  • Compliance
  • Network and infrastructure security

Unlocking Infinite Potential With dApp Audits

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3, we transcend boundaries to deliver unrivaled expertise. Our commitment to refining blockchain security is reflected in a wide range of projects and initiatives.

Boundless Insights

Through dApp audits, we uncover boundless insights. From ensuring robust security to improving functionality, our solutions span across different industries and applications.

Global Security

Our dApp auditing skills transcend borders. With a global clientele, we raise the standards of blockchain security.

Leading with innovation

Innovation drives our approach to our workflow of dApp audits. We redefine security and reliability benchmarks by constantly exploring new frontiers and embracing cutting-edge technologies.

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Our dApp Audit Process

We follow a certified process to ensure the security of your dApp.


Smart Contract Audit and Codebase Analysis

We review and test underlying smart contracts for vulnerabilities and logic flaws and examine the dApp’s codebase for security flaws, bugs, and coding best practices.


Penetration Testing

We conduct simulated attacks to assess the dApp’s defenses against external threats.



Front-End Application Security

We analyse client-side security, focusing on communication with smart contracts and data handling.



Compliance and Regulatory Review

We ensure adherence to regulatory standards, including AML/CFT and data protection laws.


Network and Infrastructure Security

We evaluate the network and infrastructure for vulnerabilities and resilience to attacks.

Our dApp audit process is meticulously designed to unveil vulnerabilities and enhance the performance of your decentralized application.

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A dApp audit is essential to identify and mitigate security risks and ensure the robustness and reliability of your decentralized application in the dynamic Web3 environment.

Our comprehensive dApp audit includes smart contract analysis, codebase investigation, penetration testing, front-end application security, compliance checks, and network infrastructure evaluation.

We provide trust and transparency at every stage of your project. Our in-house team, ISO27001 certification, transparent pricing, and commitment to excellence make us the ideal partner for secure and reliable dApp audits.